Tri Sodium Phosphate (Dodecahydrate Crystals & Anhydrous)



Technical Specification:-

  Anhydrous Dodecahydrate
Matter insoluble in water, %by mass Max     0.50       0.20
Phosphate (as P2O5), % by mass Min     41.00       17.50
Carbonate Alkalinity, % by mass Max     2.00       3.00
Total Alkalinity (as NaOH), %by mass Max     3.00       4.50
Soluble Iron compounds (asFe), % by mass Max     0.02       0.009
Chloride (as Cl), % by mass Max       –       0.10
Soluble silica (as SiO2)% by mass Max       –       0.10

Packing:- 50 Kg net packed in Polythenelined high-density polythene bags.

Handling:- Tri-Sodium Phosphate is not a hazardous chemical.  However, rubber gloves, goggles or face shields must be worn while handling Tri-Sodium Phosphate.

Storage:- Tri-Sodium Phosphate should be stored in cool places such as covered sheds having cooling facilities like fans/coolers etc.  When stored under ordinary conditions, the dodecahydrate may lose some water of crystallization.

It is always advisable for customers to satisfy themselves by small scale tests in necessary that the product which they have selected is suitable for their purpose under their conditions of use.


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