Sodium Acid Pyro Phosphate (Food & Tech. Grade)



Product Description:-

Synonym                                                 S.A.P.P.

Formula                                                  Na2 H2 P2 O7.

Molecular Weight                                    221.97.


Gen. Properties & Typical Analysis:

Appearance                                             White Powder.

  • PH                                                     5 To 4.50 %
  • Loss on Drying 2 %, Max.
  • Matter Insoluble in water 5 % Max
  • P2O5 62 % Min
  • Assay 90 % Min



25/50 Kgs. Nett packed in polythene lined high-density polythene bag.


Product Application:-

  • Oil Well Drilling.

Sodium Acid Pyro Phosphate (SAPP) is used in oil well drilling together with drilling mud to give a coating along the wall of the wells, by which the surface become hard and does not collapse while pipes are being inserted.

  • Miscellaneous Uses of SAPP:-
  1. As a general buffer and acidifying agent in cleaning formulations.
  2. It is an acid source for reaction with baking soda to leaven baked goods.
  3. As a cleaning agent in conjunction with sulphuric acid in certain dairy applications and as an acidulant in food processing.
  4. For stabilization of Hydrogen peroxide solution.
  5. Remove iron stains during leather tanning.
  6. To furnish acidity to product reactions and its specific slow-acting properties are extremely valuable in commercial baking powder.
  7. It is also used in electroplating and slurry thinning.

It is always advisable for customers to satisfy themselves by small-scale tests if necessary, that the product which they have selected is suitable for their purpose under their conditions of use.

Additional information




Na2 H2 P2 O7.

Molecular Weight



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