Mr. Om Prakash Jethalia, Chairman

Mr. O.P. Jethalia has been with the chemicals industry since last 35 years. Residing at Calcutta now, he has been the prime force behind the business plans and marketing strategy of Sulux Phosphates.

Mr. Govind N. Jethalia, Managing Director

Mr. G.N. Jethalia is the promoter of Sulux Phosphates. A Chemical engineer from BITS Pilani, India, Mr. Jethalia has used his engineering knowledge and business acumen to good use in managing the day to day operations of this plant and also in the gradual diversification to new products based on industry needs.

Mr. Nikunj Jethalia, Executive Director.

Mr. Nikunj Jethalia has been a part of the plant since last ten years. Initially operating from the Calcutta office, Mr. Nikunj Jethalia moved to Udaipur in 1995 to support the plants expansion plans. Under his supervision, the plant has increased its capacity by five times over the last 5 years. The turnover and profitability of the plant has also jumped following his active daily participation at the Udaipur factory.

Mr. Nikunj Jethalia, being Chartered Accountant, Manages finance front also.

Mr. Pankaj Khandwalla, President.

Mr. Pankaj Khandwalla associated with the company in 1998. He is holding Masters Degree in chemistry from Mumbai University. For past over two decades he is active in Phosphates field.  He has wide experience in Manufacturing, Marketing and product development.

Mr. Pankaj Khandwalla Manages Mumbai Branch.

Mr. Mahendra Singh Chauhan, Chief Chemist.

Mr. Chauhan is graduate in Science from Rajasthan University. An experience over 25 Years in analytical chemistry, provides pillar to consistency and strictest quality control.

Under his guidance three Junior Chemist are always involved in product development and process improvement.